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The Canon Light Awards is an initiative aimed at encouraging all levels of photographers to get out & try shooting new scenes in new ways. Every month, a new judge submits a new brief to the photographers & our aim is to take the information given & submit a single photograph that encompasses the brief in our own unique way.

In July, the brief “Courage”, was put forward by Australian Cricketing Legend, and secret lover of photography, Steve Waugh. Steve asked us to produce an image that showcased what courage meant to us, & I knew that I could present this through rock climbing imagery.

The below image was selected as the winner in the Open Category for the month & here’s what Steve had to say about it;

“I love an image that leaves me wanting to know more. How did the jump end? How many times did it take to get this shot? How did the photographer get their shot? The timing is perfect and certainly this climber is pushing the envelope as far as he can.”

Р  Steve Waugh РJuly Brief Judges Feedback



I can’t thank enough the two people that made this shoot possible, Eric Straw (the man featured in the above image) & Rhys Brandon (on belay). These guys helped get all our gear up there for the 2 day adventure as well as helped fix ropes & they didn’t even put up a fight when I dragged them out of their warm & comfy sleeping bags before dawn to get ready to climb! Thanks dudes!

I feel very honoured to have been chosen as the winner & am very thankful for the opportunity to be apart of the Canon Light Awards. It has been a wicked ride!


Here’s a few more images from the photo shoot & from the awards lunch with Steve Waugh in Sydney!


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