Some call it Flinders Secret Cave, others call it Flinders Peak, Cave # 2 or simply Flinders. Whatever you call it, the secret’s out!

Flinders cave was discovered circa 2000 & after some early development by SE QLD greats such as Kim Carrigan, Glen Foley, Cam Fairbairn, Ross Ferguson & Co. the unlikely occurred & access was closed. During its closure, Mt. Flinders was all but forgotten… until recently

Mid – late 2015 saw a lift in the closure of Mt. Flinders & those in the know were quick to take advantage, but slow to tell the masses. For months the cave was accessed by few & the development picked up where it was left off. New routes were equipped & new FA’s were had, Flinders Cave was lining up to fulfil its destiny of becoming one of SE QLD’s home of hard sport climbing!

Slowly but surely, the word got out & SE QLDs strongest men & women made tracks for the cave to see what the hype was all about. New access was established at the end of the year in order to save as much energy as possible for the steepest terrain that QLD has to offer.


Tom Reid sending ‘Dr. Pepper’ (29) – +1 point for his first at the grade & +1 more point for the outfit!


Over the last two months, QLD crushers have been putting to bed the hardest routes that Flinders has to offer. What was once the crag test piece, is now the crag warm up for these gnarly boys & girls. Recent times have seen strong cats taking down hard lines like Tom Reid bagging his first 29, ‘Dr. Pepper’. Along with Callan Blanch-Knox who also bagged some routes being his first at the grade such as ‘Entergalactic Ceiling’ & ‘One Eyed Undertaker’ (28), as well as ‘Dr. Pepper’ (29). Newcomer to the Clif Bar athlete team & team climber for Pinnacle Sports & Climb ICP, Lucy Stirling has been on the Flinders roster as well with a handful of notable ascents including ‘The French Connection’ (27), ‘Entergalactic Ceiling’ & ‘Like A Man On Pepperoni’ (28) & ‘Dr. Pepper’ (29)! Not to mention someones controversial send of a closed project, which is now the hardest line the cave has to offer, ‘A Space Odyssey’ (32)! The cave is also being subjected to some drill wielding hardmen who are putting up futuristic lines & extensions to existing classics for the greater good! It’s like Coolum Cave has just been a training ground up until now…


Everyone’s favourite Rob Dogg “blarting” his way up ‘Dr. Pepper’ (29) with relative ease


Weekend after weekend sees a good crew of people heading to Flinders now. Putting in hours of their time, money & effort for continued track & route development, rolls of tape to fight failing skin on the sharp rock & litres of sweat expelled in order to climb at this superbly shady crag during an Aussie summer.


Lucy Stirling feeling out the moves on ‘A Space Odyssey’ (32) late one arvo


Flinders needs to be seen to be believed. This enormous cave is an amphitheatre for hard climbing, & perched high up on Mt. Flinders, even the view is worth the approach…

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