Sterling Ropes have been manufacturing an improved range of their already awesome Evolution series of dynamic climbing ropes. With the range due for release on January 1st 2015, improved from the original Evolution Velocity 9.8mm, comes the Evolution Helix 9.5mm. This new bundle of joy redefines the way we look at thin ropes. Not only is it lightweight – being only 59g/m, it has been crafted as a much more durable rope compared to the old Velocity due to its thicker sheath. With this in mind, Sterling have seemingly struck the perfect balance between durability & weight without compromising belayer or climber satisfaction.

My good friends at K2 Basecamp offered me a chance to use & review this new rope (after I lost one of mine in some back burning at a local cliff) prior to its release & after many weekends on the sharp end, this rope sure got its fair share! From climbing 40+m chossy sport routes to ascending for photos, we threw this rope through numerous belay devices & it came up Milhouse every time! Even people who loved its predecessor (the Velocity 9.8) were very impressed.

All in all the new Sterling Helix 9.5 gets 6 thumbs up… 2 from the climber, belayer & photographer!! The only downside was that we all couldn’t be on one of these ropes at the same time & had to wait our turn.

I’m looking forward to the release of these new ropes by Sterling next year & I can’t wait to get my hands on one again!

Click here to get your hands on one of these bad boys for yourself…!