Blog | Passchendaele’s First V12


14th October 2016


Visiting climber, Simon Parton wasted no time putting to bed a long standing project at Passchendaele’s iconic ‘Middle Sector’ last weekend. The proud line stands tall right at the entrance to the sector, just 10m from the carpark & although many have tried, the top remained a mystery… On the last day of the inaugural Pinnacle Sports, Passchendaele V1 Bouldering Festival, & in only 1 session, Simon nabbed the First Ascent & claimed his place in the history books of SEQ bouldering. This ascent stands on par with the hardest boulders in QLD & marks the 3rd V12 here in the sunshine state but the first at Passchendaele!!

Simon dubbed the line ‘A Name & A Number’ because immediately after getting back down & before he could take his climbing shoes off, he was being asked for a name & a grade by the masses. Quite a nice touch if you ask me. It was truly epic to watch & glad I was there to capture the action, congrats Si!

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Here’s a video & some pics of the ascent…