Nathan McNeil was born & raised on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia. Photography became a passion of his when he first picked up a “real” camera in late 2014, which started an in depth journey to discover firstly how to use it, but secondly how to use it to capture a unique view of the world through his eyes.

You can find Nathan hanging from cliff faces on a single strand of rope, often contorting himself into a position to get the blood back into his legs or to get the right angle for his next shot. If he is not wielding a camera while on the rope he is either putting up a new route or simply making a fool of himself on existing ones…


My love for photography branched from my passion for rock climbing & the outdoors. I began rock climbing in late 2011 & have found myself engulfed in the sport, the lifestyle & everything else that surrounds it. I picked up my first DSLR in early 2014 & my passion for photography has blossomed ever since. I began shooting rock climbing immediately, as there is an art form with the movement involved in the sport & I sought to capture it & show it off. Not to mention the beautiful & photogenic settings we often find ourselves in.

I have had many jobs in my life, from building designer to liftie on ski fields, but none that I have been more passionate about than photography. When you find something in your life that you are truly passionate for & excited to do on a daily basis, it doesn’t feel like a job, & I count myself lucky to have found this outlet!

The ability to connect with people through imagery & spark a response from someone with a single picture is what drives my passion. To find new & exciting ways to tell a story with images is a challenge that I find fascinating.

My journey has only just begun & I hope you all enjoy watching me grow with every new experience I undertake & I hope you enjoy my images as much as I enjoy creating them.

Thank you for your continued support!