Passchendaele V2

Film | Passchendaele V2 Bouldering Festival



Back for the second year running is the Pinnacle Sports Passchendaele V2 Bouldering Festival!! The best bouldering festival in QLD just wrapped up for the second year recently (Oct 20-22) out at Passchendaele State Forest which is located on the Granite Belt near Stanthorpe. With a newly located private camp site, this year attendees were treated to camping only a few minutes walk from the bouldering sectors which is a huge step up on last year! The campsite was also much nicer & perfectly suited for this exact festival.

If you haven’t heard of Passchendaele Bouldering you need to check yo’self because the hype from last year surely spread far & wide! Passchendaele State Forest is littered with thousands of granite boulders just screaming to be climbed. Some already have been climbed with ascents logged for future reference but there is still plenty of untouched gems waiting to be sent!

This year saw 120 odd attendees at the festival & although the weather had other plans, psych remained high. During Saturday mornings rain, we played a few rounds of trivia followed by some pad stacking antics & lots of coffee. It wasn’t long though before people ventured into the damp wilderness with their sights set on climbing anything dry. Luckily team Pinnacle had covered some boulders the day before as a “just in case” pre-caution. This allowed a fair amount of climbing Saturday afternoon which is pretty good considering it was still raining when we got to Middle Sector.

This years event was such an epic display of teamwork, dedication, good vibes & everything that is good about the climbing community. We welcomed first time climbers, seasoned boulderers & even some who were having their first climb back after a bad injury which was awesome to see! It goes to show that with the right attitude, nothing can stop you!

Huge thanks to the Pinnacle Sports team for all they did to ensure the success of the event, rain, hail or shine! They always go above & beyond & somehow seem to smile & laugh while they do it…



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