Stonetool Sandblow is another one of Fraser Island’s (a.k.a. K’gari) iconic locations with its name being derived from ancient indigenous stone shaping tools that were once found here. Visible from the Lake Wabby lookout, Stonetool Sandblow is not frequented by tourists. This arid landscape is what greets you after a short, bushy hike followed by an unsteady incline up its sandy border. When you emerge from the bush, it feels like you have stepped into another time zone on another planet. On this particular day we had a storm front approaching from the Coral Sea & some howling winds mixed with dark clouds made it feel like we had stepped into a scene from the original Planet of the Apes film.

This Sandblow completely engulfed the forest that once thrived here & with its constant movement every year, more & more of the forest starts to become visible, as if reaching out from its sandy grave.

I feel this image perfectly portrays just how it feels to visit this unique place & every time I look at it I am reminded of how surreal it was to witness such a unique force of nature for the first time.


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