One Tree Hill located in Maleny is the most popular spot in the Sunshine Coast hinterland for wedding photographers. It boasts uninterrupted views of the Glasshouse Mountains, pristine grassy meadows & the obvious attraction of a singular, perfectly placed cherry tree.

I had seen photos of this location previously but never knew exactly where it was until I was asked to shoot a friends wedding in Melany. With a bit of spare time the night before the wedding, & the luck of a moonless night, I set out to find this iconic landscape. Turns out it was only 15mins drive from where I was staying so everything was in order for a night of astro! Astonished at my luck, I spent the night running around a dark paddock like kid in a candy factory trying to figure the best composition to capture the beauty unfolding in front of me. After I took this series of photos, I felt I had got the image I was after & decided to call it a night & ensure I get a good night sleep before the big day of shooting that awaited me the next day đŸ™‚


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