Can you believe that this image was taken just metres from my car?! Considering the natural beauty of Uluru, it’s not hard to believe that no matter how or where you view it from, it is just truly amazing. We arrived in Uluru early this day & pretty much headed straight for the iconic sunset viewing location to reserve our spot. Although this is from the designated car sunset viewing location, it is still a very special sight to behold.

As the late sun sinks into the land, the glowing sunset makes the rock light up with a magical red saturation that is almost hard to believe, it’s like someone’s photoshopping it right in front of your eyes! On this occasion however, I was blown away by the colours produced just after the light had dipped a little further. You can watch the suns last rays crawl over the top of the sacred rock & make their way for the horizon, & just when you think it’s over, the colours raise into the sky & surround the rock as if to pay it one last respect before nightfall. The combination of the pastel hues in the sky & a branch of Desert Oak offered a simplistic perfection to top off such a naturally beautiful landscape!


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