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The second Scenic Rim Ultra took place over two days on the 15th & 16th August 2020. The 105km & 65km event ran on Saturday 15th August at 5:30am from the beautiful Overflow Estate 1895 with the 25km run starting at 6am Sunday morning from QMP & finishing up at the Overflow. Just like last year, this is one Ultra that will test even the most seasoned of runners. The addition of the “Loop of Doom” which seperates the 65km & 105km course is truly a test of mental fortitude & physical stamina! The amount of elevation in that section alone is leg shaking but the views from the top somehow seem to make it all worth while!

The temps this year were a lot more favourable than last but the day did start with some fairly consistent rainfall from about 1am, not letting up until well after sunrise. Equipped with head lamps & rain jackets, the runners departed the overflow at 5:30am sharp & took off into the darkness.

Sunday saw runners lining up at 6am for the 25km course leaving from QMP & heading for the overflow, taking in a beautiful section of trail with enough elevation to keep the heart going. I believe the first runner crossed the line in an astonishing 2 hours & 2 minutes!!

No matter which course you tackled, I’m sure you can testify that the views on offer around the Scenic Rim make this one of the top spots for trail running events & if you weren’t a runner, you will see just what I mean when you click on the links below & scroll through some of the photos. I love shooting out here & capturing people enjoying the outdoors in different ways.

Check out all the photos from the day below & make sure to download & share your free low resolution image with your friends & family on social media. We are also selling high resolution images which are perfect for printing at only $10 each!

Congrats to everyone for their efforts on the day & thanks to On The Edge Events for having me on board once again!