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Boulderfest is back baby! After a year hiatus (thanks to our good buddy COVID-19), the Urban Climb Boulderfest was back with a bang, this time at Urban Climbs newest facility, the West End Boulder Hall! If you thought the 2019 Boulderfest at UC Milton was off the charts, this was on another level! The Boulderhall is the perfect facility for this event with the team ensuring no stone was left unturned when building/prepping for this event.

The setting team was blessed with a finals wall cordoned off from the rest of the gym & preying eyes were kept at bay with a floor-to-ceiling curtin installed to allow the setters to work in peace & not give away any clues to budding finalists. This is a first for climbing competitions in QLD (maybe even Aus?) & it sure was a welcome site for the whole event team. Plus I got a good peak at what was to be expected for finals early on which was nice 🙂

with nearly 70 problems set for the pumpfest rounds, climbers were treated to a plethora of problems to pluck away at over their 2.5hr sessions. The Team Social sessions were a hoot with some epic dress ups & a huge amount of psych bringing a fresh vibe to the end of a long day. Saturday saw 5 sessions from Competitive to Team Social which meant just over 12hrs of shooting followed by a whopping 14hrs on the camera Sunday.

With everything that has been happening in our world lately it was great that this event was able to proceed & kudos to the event team for navigating all the stresses & making it happen. It was so good to catch up with so many old friends & see so many fresh faces in the climbing community up in Brisbane.

Check out all the photos on the links below & make sure to download & share your free low resolution image (for personal use only) with your friends & family on social media. You can also grab yourself high resolution images which are perfect for printing for only $10 each!